Friday, 28 March 2014

The Vision of Teleological Resilience

My name is Dr Robert Muller (PhD in Sociology) and I have a vision for a better world and am currently working on how this can be achieved. 

Basically, for 40 years (since the oil shock and the emergence of overwhelming corporate power), we in the west have been influenced by the neoliberal ideology in which we are expected to be perfect consumers who conduct their lives as if they are a business.

Those who cannot do this, fall through the cracks as the government withdraws from social services in line with the ideology.

My academic research on resilience and well-being, including the development of a robust model of how resilience can be developed, has resulted in our team putting together a community building program to achieve the following aims:

1) To bring together people around arts, performance, food, co-creation, hospitality (xenia), communication, conversation, and resilience, to create sustainable communities as the basis of daily life

2) To create alternatives to the constant measurement of daily life and work through KPIs, performance measures, performance evaluations, and so on, that tend to destroy motivation and the enjoyment of daily living

3) To inspire a gentler society based on the principles of cooperation and community instead of competition and individualism where everyone can play a part and nobody is left behind

4) To create an online ‘home’ for a diverse range of dispersed social movements such as the Slow Food movement, Co-Create, the Transition movement, and others, so that an ongoing dialogue can be established to create a better world

This will be achieved, over time, through the development of activist groups, an online portal, education resources, courses, and community events and presentations.

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  1. Glad you posted this link. life has turned me into a cynic where humans are concerned, but I must admit the years I spent in the original Permaculture settlement were the best yours of my life, and although the Stanley experiment eventually fizzled out, the concept has taken on life in an amazing growth. I'll take the time to work through some pg your other blogs and links. Heather Stone.