Sunday, 12 October 2014

Famous Riot Dog Dies

Loukanikos, the stray dog in attendance at every demonstration rally in Athens since the dawn of the Greek crisis, passed away on October 9.

Loukanikos, whose name means “sausage” in Greek, gained notoriety in 2010 when he began barking at police at the forefront of anti-austerity protest rallies.

The dog’s health was damaged by tear gas and repeated kicks from riot policemen, forcing him to “retire” from active protest in 2012, the year when anti-austerity demonstrations became less frequent.

In 2012, a caring Athenian family adopted Loukanikos, offering the dog love, food and vaccinations. “He was on the couch sleeping, when suddenly his heart stopped beating,” one of Loukanikos‘ owners told the Greek newspaper Avgi.

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